As with all curtains and blinds collections, customisation is key. For the discerning homeowner, the choice of a classic pinch pleat, a sleek pencil pleat or a contemporary wave heading option provides the opportunity to tailor the look of the curtain to its surroundings.The two more traditional headings of pinch pleat and pencil pleat are supplied as double width fabrics, offering a fullness that is the height of luxury and a throwback to classic drapery. The wave heading, a more modern style, is complemented by a width and a half of fabric for a light and graceful finish.While the tactile nature of the curtain is traditionally of paramount importance, in the modern home there is plenty of scope for employing pattern and design to tie schemes together in the most elegant fashion.The curtain and blind design team aren’t just experts in handpicking the finest linens, the most elegant silks and plushest chenille, they also cast their eye over the most prestigious patterns and bring them into the fold. From blooming florals to delicate jacquards the collection consists of handpicked designs with an aura of prestige that few others can match.